Episode 50

Adopting a Healthy Mindset Around Food with Elizabeth Gunner

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Elizabeth's Bio: As a Registered Dietitian in the Health & Wellness space, I’m obsessed with providing authentic advice that empowers people to lead healthier lives. I focus on dismantling health confusion by providing evidenced-based scientific advice that's simple to understand and easy to implement.

As a science nerd, I'm fascinated with the interconnection between our nutritional health and our mind, body, and planet. As such, I gear my professional focus towards promoting sustainable food systems, clean water and advocating for proper mental health care all while making healthy lifestyle choices fun! In doing so, I hope to be a positive agent for change in improving the lives of people and our planet.

With a range of professional experiences, I have gratefully obtained knowledge in key-areas such as Marketing, Public Speaking, Research, Writing, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Counseling, Lobbying, Consulting, Project Management, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Bioinformatics, Start-Ups, and Television/Film. Moreover, I’ve strived to strengthen these skills through copious hours volunteering, interning, and pursuing higher education degrees.

As a creative by heart, my free time is often spent drawing, writing poetry, playing guitar, and exploring the world of fashion and textiles. As a self-improvement junkie you can easily find me listening to a podcast, reading a new book (or re-reading and old favorite), and enrolling in online courses.

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